More about the Achievements of Texas Allied Petroleum

Since the November of 2005, Texas Allied PetroleumCompany has been operating in the US for its petroleum and natural gas extraction, development and production. They have made different explorations in various states of the US and till now they have around 33 states that have oil and natural gas fields under their watch. There are many great projects that they have worked upon among which Wilson/Todd well in Coffee County, Kansas is quite popular. Apart from that drilling and testing of a 2,200 feet well, participating in the formation of 10,000 feet well called Neuman#1, purchasing of 300acres of fossil fuel and gas lease in Henry Crooks field in Liberty County Texas are few of its other famous projects.
Although the company has been involved in a variety of tasks, it usually focuses on natural gas. In the previous months this company has been busy dealing with various natural gas and oil explorations. Some time back there was an update published regarding the oil and natural gas explorations by the Texas Allied Petroleum showing the on the whole progress made by the organization from April to May. Some of the projects showed some decline in the production, some were stagnant and neutral while others showed a little progress. Also in the same published detail was a part that showed progress made by the abandoned wells that was revived in Wyoming. In the given update, productions in Cooper Cave, Little Laramie and Herrick were increased to the most extent. This update was published in the early June.
This organization has its expertise in exploration, development of natural gas and fossil fuel and in the production of natural gas reserves in the Gulf Coast of Texas. It started off with only concentrating on the natural gas; however, with time, it broadened its portfolio and diversified it which helped them in gaining a vast share of profits. TAP also works in the start-up of major natural gas projects in the United States. Its base is in Texas while other sub-offices are located in other few states of the US. It operates also in states of Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming. TAP has been very much busy lately because of its upcoming drilling and exploration projects. They have achieved that top notch position but they still strive for more and keep providing people with best products and services.


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Getting Familiar with Texas Allied Petroleum

Despite its young age, Texas Allied Petroleum(TAP) has already gained and maintained its name in the good books of everyone from the oil and natural gas industry. It began in the year 2005 November and since then it has been progressing and expanding its horizons to the maximum. It is known for its promising products and services, thus, stand as a strong competitor in the oil and gas market.
A company that kicked starts with its expertise in the natural gas exploration and moved on to a bigger and better portfolio. Its headquarters are in Austin, Texas and it has flourished not only in oil exploration but it also masters in development and production fields. This company has a fine number of well-known and well-reputed business executives who have extensive work experience in this industry attached to their names. This company holds a very enthusiastic and adept work force that helps it in research, technical operations and makes their supports teams as well. Even though their workers are the best in what they do, they still keep polishing them through trainings to make them bigger and better.
In a complete 24hour time period, Texas Allied Petroleumis known to extract excess of around 500000cubic feet of natural gas. This amount of extraction from such a young company in this short period of time is a great success. Like every other company, this company also had a few hindrances that it faced pretty well. In 2009, TAP decided to expand the circle of its services and started working in collaboration with many international companies from the oil industry. Texas Allied Petroleum started exploring and drilling with them. One of their well-known projects was the accomplishment of the very much known Wilson/Todd well project which was a 2,200 feet deep well in Coffee County, Kansas.
Apart from many other projects, TAP holds major projects of the US which is referred to as the birth place of the petroleum industry. Due to this companies’ unstoppable work, it was able to make its other branches in states like Kansas, Wyoming, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Texas Allied Petroleum, in its 6 years of operations has received registration from the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Texas Oil and Gas Association and the Dunn & Bradstreet because of its amazing achievements. Recently this organization is looking forward to the formation of Main Pass 35 project as well.